Exploration may be our main facet, but we have 5 other divisions with their own roles to fill.
Our publicly viewable divisions are listed below.

Exploration and Scouting

Exploration duties may include jump-point charting and navigation, mineral scanning, planetary exploration, basic astrometrics (science station) operations, ‘SETI’ based research and deep space scanning.

Scouting duties include trade route pre-scanning, high-intensity sensor sweeps (finding low power signals).

Science and Research

Duties may include jump-point analysis and discovery, management of jump-point database, overclocking, pharmaceutical/medical research, starship component research, planetary observation, stellar observation, biological studies, spectroscopy, basic astrometrics/science station operation, deep space scientific research and nav studies.

Medical and Rescue

Medical duties may include surgery, nursing, basic medical treatment and triage.

Rescue duties may include emergency patient transport, emergency patient extraction, search and rescue, emergency medical treatment and field surgury.

Transportation and Refueling

Duties may include transportation of high-value trade goods and cargo, info-running, local and deep-space refueling, rearmament and basic repairs.

Paramilitary and Escort

Duties may include escort of service craft, military operations, seizure of goods, gravity well generation, disabling of hostile spacecraft, raiding of spacecraft, apprehension of hostiles and bounty management.

Internal and Public Affairs

Internal Affairs include budget management, payroll and contract management.

Public Affairs include inter-organizational diplomacy and recruitment.

Our Allies

Our Allies are composed of well trusted and hard working organizations.
We maintain close diplomatic ties with these organizations and they may receive increased opportunities in inter-organizational transactions.

Our Ranks

We have six rank positions, each with their own guidelines and responsibilities.

Fleet Overview

Our fleet view shows ships that our members have offered to be chartered for official corporate missions.

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If you are not yet a member, please visit us at

NOTICE: A more detailed Fleet View is in the works. Please re-submit your member survey if you submitted one before 12/01/2016.

Policies and Regulations

An overview of our corporate policies and other important details.




Pay is issued after debriefing takes place. As clients may be relying on our speed, debriefs of surveys/reports are expected within a day following the completion of a contract. Pay will be issued in full after submission. Reports might include details pertaining to the objectives, such as stellar coordinates, aggression incidents and if jump points were charted, the respective jump data.
Mandatory non-aggression
To maintain access to foreign territories, our members must maintain a pacifist nature when representing GANJ. (While on contract) The only circumstance this policy is granted some leniency with is if no alternative non-aggressive solution could have been taken, or if a contract specifically sanctions aggressive or defensive attacks.
Strict Adherance with the Fair Chance Act
As per the Fair Chance Act of 2795, all indigenous lifeforms classified as a 'developing species' are to be left untouched from any human involvement.



Corporation Resources

Founding Principle
Our founding principle at the Nexus is identifying and classifying the unknown. We rely on the members of this Corporation to improve and upkeep the library of active fringe jump networks and to maintain a polished image toward clients. Outside of basic exploration, duties we encourage our enlisted members to perform include Research and Rescue, Medical Assistance, Refueling and Scouting/Patrol of allied trade routes, and much more. Our main source of income is providing these services for clients and allied organizations.

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Emergency Support Requisitions
As GANJ is comprised of multiple branches, in emergency situations where a military, medical, or political barrier is impeding your mission progress, you may file an ESR with any Officer, Captain, or Admiral to recieve rapid assistance.



Our communication platform(s).

Official Organization Chat
GANJ currently uses a program called Discord for a communication base for it's members. You can join our Discord channel below.

Join us on Discord!

Recently, news has developed on CIG's "Spectrum" module, which we will switch to as soon as it is customizable enough to maintain corporation communications more efficiently than Discord does. “Spectrum” is designed to integrate forums, chat, and other key features into one streamlined platform. Spectrum will start as a web application, but eventually will include a fully integrated in-game overlay and voice chat, as well as replacing the Star Citizen launcher completely.

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We expect our members to behave in a respectful manner toward one another, and in a professional manner toward clients or allies.

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Adding the GANJ Corporation Banner to your RSI profile.

Enter the following code into your profile's signature section FOUND HERE.

<a href="https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/GANJ"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/v2KmxTa.gif" alt="GANJ homepage" /></a>


Sorry, the Galactic Directory is not yet operational.

What can you expect?

We plan to offer a 'Star Map' for players to explore, similar to the Ark Starmap.
You will be able to report findings here to be seen publicly by other members.
There will also be a secure login system.
All of these things will be coming soon™.